Things to know about cartridges

Things to know about cartridges

According to our recent assessment most duplicate (refill) and counterfeit print cartridges is a big headache for most offices of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Governmental and non-governmental organizations would be glad to know that high quality NANO PRINT cartridges which is  manufactured in Ethiopia are now available off the shelffor almost all popular HP,CANON,BROTHER, KYOCERA printers, copiers and fax machines. We are proud to announce zero failure at clearings of checks.

A few reasons why toner cartridges fail: –

The most common type of failure and the highest percentage of malfunctions happen with improperly refilled toner cartridges – especially refilled toner cartridges can fall prey to an over 40% failure rate. This can seriously damage your expensive printer. During NANO readings The NANO TONERS offered by us use TONER POWDER imported from U.S.A, so we’d highly advice you to steer clear of refilled toner cartridges and use our best quality Ethiopian NANO toner cartridges.

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